Because of the job, the university, the love or for broaden one‘s horizon – there might be many reasons for a relocation. But every change of domicile implies beside a big expense, a lot of stresses and strains. Starting with the endless apartment-hunting, the old one must be renovated and all the goods and chattels must be dismounted, transported and constructed again.


The idea is a dynamic platform which provides a sense of home and the possibility to change your place of residence in a short time without leaving the flat. Furthermore there should be no big amount of time, money and bureaucracy and additional the opportunity of communication between the world explorers and commuters, what makes the arrival easier.


Used shipping-containers have already traveled thousands of miles around the world on oceans, tracks and streets. HOPDOCK uses these benefits of the globalisation and brings you and your flat (a converted shipping-container – homelike, individual appointed) in nine cities around the world any time without apartment hunting, move-organisation or renovation. Besides the framework/container docks you’ll also find local events, a community and co-working spaces.


Every quarter you will find a new HOPDOCK In-House Magazine, which gives you new information about local events, some insider tips, interviews, a look behind the scenes and a retrospect.


Photography by Matt Williams, Leon Jamrosy, Moritz Moysig


Every new member who rents a HOPDOCK container will get a box with an individual key-chain of the container‘s original look and an Hop-Pass where you can find a factsheet, a map of its previous journey and a stamp field for every relocation.


Individual, location-related posters are in the relative HOPDOCK colours.
Every relocation means an huge outter impact. A Container with windows and doors catches the eyes of every driver on the streets and gives him more information of HOPDOCK on the back side.